Breathing is essential to life; yet for all its importance, it is something we often take for granted. After all, it’s one of those things our brain controls without us having to actively think about it. Most people receive more than 70 percent of their air through the nose. However, for people with nasal obstruction, breathing through the nose is a challenge that can affect quality of  life.

Nasal obstruction that leads to trouble breathing can be caused by a collapsed nasal wall, a deviated septum, or enlarged turbinates. Here at Piedmont Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, we often see patients with enlarged turbinates due to symptoms of nasal congestion from chronic allergies. Turbinates are structures on the side of the wall of the nose that warm and clean the air before it goes to your lungs. With chronic allergies, these structures become swollen, causing difficulty when breathing through the nose on one or both sides.

Many times, surgery is suggested for helping relieve the symptoms of nasal obstruction due to a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates. During the surgery to reconstruct the septum the turbinates can be trimmed. Patients have a new option for relieving nasal congestion, using Latera. This is an implant inserted into the nasal side wall that supports the upper lateral cartilage. Latera is placed into the nasal cartilage during a minimally invasive procedure. The implant slowly absorbs over time, but provides long-lasting stability in the nasal wall to improve function without changing the appearance of the nose.

Patients who have received the Latera implant have experienced results including:
– Reduced nasal congestion or stuffiness
– Less trouble breathing through the nose
– Improved ability to get enough air through the nose during exercise
– Less trouble sleeping

If you suffer from lack of sleep, trouble breathing when exercising or just discomfort in your daily life due to chronic allergies and nasal obstruction, Latera might be right for you. Call the offices of Piedmont Ear, Nose & Throat Associates today for a consultation to learn more about the procedure and its results.

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