runny noseAllergy season is upon us, and for many people in the Triad that means runny, itchy noses, nasal congestion and lots of sneezing. These are the classic symptoms of rhinitis, the inflammation of the nose which causes the symptoms to occur. Rhinitis can be either allergic, caused by external irritants such as pollen, dust or mold, or non-allergic, which is triggered  by changes in weather or some medications. For both types, people often turn to over-the-counter therapies, or doctors will prescribe oral medications or nasal sprays. While these options often provide some relief, their efficacy is limited and they sometimes cause unwelcome side effects.

For the more than 24 million people in the United States suffering from chronic rhinitis, there is a new treatment that will have you bypassing the medicine counter without having to go  through surgery. ClariFix, a new solution from Arrinex, Inc., uses cryotherapy to freeze the nasal nerve that triggers rhinitis. The results are often positive, with the majority of patients reporting long-lasting relief from ClariFix.

ClariFix offers the advantage of:
– A procedure that is performed in an office visit, usually about 15 minutes;
– Only a topical or local anesthesia is necessary;
– There is minimal downtime, and you can return to your regular activities almost
– Side effects are minimal, and include increased sensitivity or congestion during the
healing process; and
– Controlled delivery ensures a safe procedure

Don’t let your chronic rhinitis and runny nose keep you from getting a good night’s sleep or enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. Call for an appointment with Piedmont Ear Nose and Throat Associates today to talk with one of our doctors about the options available for treatment, including the new ClariFix.

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