allergySpringtime in Winston-Salem and surrounding communities is absolutely beautiful. Dogwoods and azaleas are in full bloom, birds are nesting and singing their chipper songs and the gray skies of winter give way to Carolina-blue expanses. But along with all that beauty comes something that strikes fear in the hearts of allergy sufferers — bright yellow pollen. Tree pollen  peaks in the month of April, as evidenced by the thin yellow film that coats our cars, patio furniture and sidewalks.

If springtime finds you with allergies, a runny nose, nasal congestion, and itchy eyes and throat, you’re not alone. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that as many as 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children suffer from seasonal allergies, and that number is growing. Of course, the best way to prevent symptoms from occurring is to stay inside. But it’s very inconvenient to live life in a bubble. Help ease your symptoms by following these tips:

Keep windows closed and use the air conditioner. As tempting as it might be to open up the windows and enjoy the fresh warm breezes of spring, all you’re doing is inviting
pollen in.

  • Change clothes as soon as you come in
  • Brush pets to avoid tracking in pollen.
  • Vacuum and dust regularly.
  • Plan outdoor activities around peak pollen times if possible. Pollen is worse on windy days and better after a rain. You can check conditions in your area on’s National Allergy Map.

Treating Allergies

For many people, over the counter medicines work just fine to relieve allergy symptoms. But if you’ve tried those options and are still suffering, it might be time to take different steps. Prescription medications and even some types of nasal surgery can go a long way toward helping allergy sufferers feel better in the spring and fall, or even all year long. If you’d like to speak with a doctor about your allergy treatment options, call the specialists at Piedmont ENT today to set up your consultation.

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