The number one priority of every PENTA employee and provider is to deliver the very best patient care possible.

To do this, customer service must be the most important part of everyone’s job every day at PENTA.

What does customer service mean at PENTA?

  • To respect all our patients, referring physicians, vendors, and other customers, treating them without regard to their race, gender, creed or social status, looking out for their best interests at all times.
  • To be kind and courteous, taking the time needed to put patients, their loved ones and others at ease.
  • To listen with understanding; smiling if engaging the customer in person; sounding pleasant on the telephone; responding promptly, politely, and positively to questions and concerns.
  • To always thank our patients for putting their confidence in our practice.
  • To introduce ourselves when greeting others; giving callers our name so they can follow up with us if necessary; responding to our customers by using their preferred name(s).