Hearing Aid Evaluation/Consultation

Once a hearing loss has been identified and all medical concerns have been addressed, you may be seen for a consultation to determine what, if any help is required. Each patient is singularly important, and the PENTA staff is committed to your long-term hearing health care. We strongly believe at PENTA that improved hearing enhances the quality of life at any age, whether it is at home, work, or in social situations such as family gatherings or church. Developing a personalized strategy between the patient and the audiologist is crucial. Educating patients on hearing problems and solutions, plus listening to each patient’s needs and concerns, allows us to choose the best possible course of action. of audiologists continually works with you so you can receive maximum benefits from

Hearing instruments are changing radically and continuously. At Piedmont Ear, Nose & Throat Associates (PENTA), our audiologists view their role as being the patient advocate – helping you sort through the various technological and stylistic options currently available, to find the hearing solution best suited to your specific hearing loss and lifestyle needs. PENTA offers a wide variety of styles and brands of digital hearing aids from which to choose.

All hearing aids at PENTA are fitted on a 60-day trial basis – regardless of whether you are a first-time user or an experienced wearer upgrading to more advanced technology. We believe allowing you to experience hearing aids in your own home and personal environment helps you to determine what is best for you. If for any reason you choose not to keep the hearing instrument during the trial period, you may return the instrument(s) for a nominal restocking fee. Our professional team of audiologists continually works with you so you can receive maximum benefits from your hearing aids and are properly instructed on the correct use and care of your devices.

If you would like to schedule a hearing aid evaluation/consultation, please contact our office.